About the Blog & Why I started it

I started investing in my first semester of college and being from a typical Indian middle-class background, I was the first person in my family to invest in stocks, crypto, and assets like these which the previous generation by and large considered risky and even considered gambling!

Nevertheless, I kicked off my investing journey without letting anyone in my family know.

Like everyone else, I looked for resources to learn about investing and all that needs to be done.

But I was faced with three hurdles, three gaps in this space:

  • There are a lot of social media pages, YouTube channels and Financial News blogs out there, churning out tons of investing content. But, most of them are talking about stock picks and recommendations, and there is very less focus on teaching the basics in an organized manner. There are paid courses, of course, but for me, a college student, it was not an option.
  • Secondly, a lot of Indian youths have now started investing in the crypto space. And, in my case, I started investing in this rapidly evolving domain because of FOMO and peer pressure, it wasn’t a thought out financial decission, rather an one-time bet. And I believe this is exactly how a lot of us got into investing in cryptocurrencies or planning to start.

    When I looked for resources online, especially from an Indian point of view, I realized there’s a dearth of content out there explaining the basics of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, NFTs, metaverse, and Web 3.0 in simple and comprehensible terms.

    The thing is, even though you cannot yet predict which crypto is going to lead, you can very well acknowledge the fact that these emerging technologies are here to stay, and will shape the internet of the future, as well as bring a tectonic shift in the finance space. The way businesses function, from supply chain network to contracts and transactions, everything will eventually come under blockchain technology and its application.
  • Third, being a student investor, i did not have lakhs of rupees to invest, and was quite disappointed to see that most of the financial influencers are providing investment strategies and tips for people who are employeed and have a substantial amount to invest.

    Initially I was disappointed and even thought about giving up, thinking what can I even do with less than ₹5000 to invest in a month.

    The mentors I followed gave examples of investing in lakhs, which simply didn’t suit my resources, goals and aspirations.

    In simple terms, no one was focussing on student investors, who are jumping in this space in large numbers.

Hence I started this blog to address these three issues and fill the gaps, considering that thousands of Indian youth are now investing online, they do need resources to be able to make informed investment choices and not just make random purchases based on news or tips.

The target audience of this blog is middle-class Indian youth, who have a zeal to learn about investing and personal finance.

I will cover all major asset classes, which this generation finds alluring viz-a-viz stocks and cryptos. The focus shall be on sectors, technologies, and assets that are going to determine the future and lead in the coming years.

Kindly note that I’m not a SEBI registered investment advisor, and the purpose of this blog is just to educate the readers on how they should make informed investment choices, and manage their finances based on their needs, capability, and aspirations.

I will try to refrain from making investment recommendations as such, nevertheless, all the particular assets that I talk about must be treated as my personal opinion.

I want you to learn to form your own investment strategy and perform due diligence while making investments. It’s your money, and you yourself need to learn how to manage it!

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